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Before owning FSBOHOMES.COM Coralville, Laura spent 7 years in the banking industry as a mortgage lender with her final few years at Farmer State Bank. With money being such a sensitive subject for many customers, Laura sought out a way to change the banking experience for people by being a reliable resource that put each customers' needs first.


With her work ethic and mindset, Laura led the initiatives to 3 partnerships which Farmers State Bank retains to this day. Prior to exploding into the banking industry, her quality service and team-oriented mindset began at the age of 15 in the service industry. Her success was seen early on, gaining quick promotions and acclaim for her reputation as a hard worker. Within her time in the service industry, she was able to work alongside a team to help open 5 various restaurants.

Laura has now achieved her personal goal of owning her own business before the age of 30. Laura looks forward to opening 3 to 5 more FSBOHOMES.COM locations and gaining 30% market share within the Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty communities.


Laura always had entrepreneurial tendencies as a selfless leader and idealist. Laura demonstrates her leadership as the owner of Coralville, Director of Truth Pool Ministry, company representative for the Iowa City Chamber of Commerce, mentor for new small businesses through Iowa City Area Development (ICAD), an active volunteer in her community. 


The cornerstone of her values is deeply rooted in her Christian faith, delivering clients top tier service through an attitude of love and compassion. Laura's desire to ensure everyone is well guided drives her passion to provide practical solutions, truly helping the people she serves. As a mother to her son Levi, Laura knows what it means to be a role model. She values the selfless nature of motherhood, working hard at her career, while always putting the needs of her child and family first. 


Laura believes in making an impact on the people she is connected with; her promise is to always treat people like family no matter their ethnic, social, or financial background.

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